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Is The Standard

Honestly, let us get right to THE MAIN POINT. Your furbaby... Your beloved pet, your sidekick, your everything when you need it most.


They are there for you whenever you call. They are always happy to see you, even if it has been 5minutes or 5months away from them. They bring you joy and comfort and always seem to know what's up even when we don't see it. They really can be and most certainly are OUR BEST FRIENDS


Most times throughout their life they're also certainly going to need to be taken care of on their end too. If they get hurt we do everything we can to rush them into their vet for care immediately. If they look bored or restless we will take them for a nice walk or hike. They have needs and it is up to you to provide those answers for them. 


We all have heard horror stories from our friends, colleagues, family members and so forth about "Grooming Incidents" that have either turned you off on the thoughts of taking your beloved to a stranger for hours... especially ones who work with dangerous tools and if handled improperly cause devastation for your sidekick. We all have had second thoughts about the level of care that "some stranger" is going to provide to our animal/s while being groomed... And...Let's be real... Most of us now avoid the topic altogether because trust is too far and hard to obtain with the majority of groomers nowadays.


HOWEVER... those thoughts don't always apply to everyone that covers an industry. You can always find "THE ONES" who "GO ABOVE AND BEYOND" without question. Whether its offering appointments in accommodation to your schedule. Even if they aren't scheduled to work. Or its offering to take care of them after their groom so you can finish errands. "THE ONES" that define coming in early and the ones who watch the closed sign turn on while still inside working... Working on your beloved pet. Doing "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to make sure that your best friend is buttoned up and feeling amazing. They communicate with you effectively before, during, and after your groom. They actually talk to you... they ask questions about what you expect or how your furry friend might behave or if anything upsets them... they provide feedback to you and in some instances even point out potential health issues that you may not have been aware of. These aren't the actions of someone who operates with very little care. These are actually the actions of the "ABOVE AND BEYOND types"

See here at Campfire Pet Spaw, it is really simple. Without question, on every appointment, phone call, text exchange, check-in, and check-out and whatever other scenarios come up, WE CHOOSE to simply GO ABOVE & BEYOND EVERY TIME because it is the right thing to do. Its the moral choice, its the ethical selection. It is the only option in our opinion, that can truly provide a sense of relief to you and allow some levels of trust to be established. Because quite frankly at the end of every day, our doors opened to TAKE CARE OF YOUR SIDEKICK, first. 

The Question Is...

 Do you have pet problems?

Is your house covered in your pet’s fur, smell, or scratches from their nails?


Are you unable to cuddle with your fur baby as often as you like because of some common issues?

     Skin and coat problems can quickly lead to many other health issues in your fur baby. Many pet parents deal with issues such as dirty pets, smelly pets, shedding pets, and allergies. 


     Maybe you’ve thought about pet grooming or pet grooming is something you take care of every once in a while but not often enough.

     You are on a journey with your pet throughout their life. You are the center of your pet’s universe. You are even their hero. Let Campfire Pet Spaw use the best to give your fur baby the best experience possible so they can keep giving their all to you. The products I pick for my fur clients are only of the highest quality and natural sources. They truly make a world of difference to the skin and coat of each pet I groom. 


     My name is Jessica Haslage and I created Campfire Pet Spaw because not only do I understand the problems but, I can help minimize or even diminish these problems completely! At Campfire Pet Spaw I am dedicated to offering love, kindness, and patience during the grooming process. You and your pet’s anxiety will be at ease when you visit Campfire Pet Spaw and grow a relationship that allows for understanding and trust. 


     Our success as a pet parent and groomer will be something that is sincerely irreplaceable and the difference will be noticeable in so many aspects of your life. 


     Let your pet’s hygiene health be a reflection of how much you love them and how much I care about that love. 


     Let your pets be happy campers at Campfire Pet Spaw!

Yogi catchin some ZzZzs
Head Bob
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Classic Sassy Husky
Giant Stone
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Chow Chow
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Giant Stone
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Looking Pretty
Yogi the Pomeranian
Pomeranian Passed Out
Fluffy Husky
Crazy Nails
Sassy Husky
Hyper Husky
Cute Bandana
Chow Chow
Chow Chow
Bernadoodle and Pomeranian
Doodle and Yogi
Husky and Dobby
Aussie and Yogi
Harvey the Bernadoodle
Campfire Pet Spaw
Campfire Pet Spaw
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