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The Full Service Groom -

About this service

The Full Service Groom is our main package. It is designed to be the "one stop package" and cater to anything that your furry loved one could be experiencing. This package is generally utilized by those dogs that need a Full Bodied Haircut.

This package is based upon weight categories.
Small - 1-20 lbs $70
Medium - 21-40 lbs $80
Large - 41-80 lbs $90
XLarge - 81-120 lbs $110
XXLarge - 121 lbs+ $120

We are able and willing to accommodate full bodied hair cuts to your specification. To help guide you on the correct haircut for your dog, depending on the season, we have a hair length chart that is cut out of fur with specific blade lengths to give you an actual hand and eye feel for the length you would like left on your furry friend.

This package includes -
* Nail Trimming / Filing
* Teeth Cleaning with all natural enzymatic long lasting spray
* Ear Cleaning using all natural ear / bacteria spray
* Bath and Brush - Using our TOP SHELF Products at no additional upcharge
* Blowout is included in the bath - this is fully dependant on your dogs temperament to using this

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