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The Detail Trim -

About this service

The Detail Trim is our trimming package. This option is specifically designed to be catered to the breeds that oftentimes have longer fur/hair lengths. Generally, the Detail Trim provides scissor or clipper work along the bodyline of your pup. Meaning, trimming off the feathery endings on the hind quarters, chest, belly, face and paws. Usually this package is sought after by dogs with double coats.

This package is also based on weight categories.
Small - 1-20 lbs $65
Medium - 21-40 lbs $75
Large - 41-80 lbs $85
XLarge - 81-120 lbs $95
XXLarge - 121+lbs $105

This package includes -
* Nail Trimming / Filing
* Teeth Cleaning with all natural enzymatic long lasting spray
* Ear Cleaning using all natural ear / bacteria spray
* Bath and Brush - Using our TOP SHELF Products at no additional upcharge
* Blowout is included in the bath - this is fully dependant on your dogs temperament to using this

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