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The Feline Delight Package -

About this service

Lets face it... Cats are a very integral part of your working family life. They are an extension of yourself. Maybe mixed in with more indepence or craziness or whatever crazy trait they developed, but at the end of the day they sometimes still need some TLC too.

Whether it is from a matted coat, maybe they got into something outside, maybe they were a little to curious of the skunk and so on. Your kitty deserves to have the same options as the k9s do dont they? At least we think and feel that they should. So we decided to offer the Feline Delight Package.

This is simply catered to whatever your cat may need to get done. Whether it is a shave down, a bath or perhaps they need their claws trimmed. We will accommodate and accomplish whatever task is needed for them.

This package is priced with a flat rate of $75
Can include these options as well with no add on
Lion Cut -
Claw Trimming -
Wet Bath -
Dry Bath -

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